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Mastery over chopsticks

Previous New Year’s Resolution Met: Gaining Mastery Over Chopsticks

New Year’s Resolutions and a Reasonable Goal

I don’t know if New Year’s resolutions are worth it. Maybe its a major date to start something. It’s kind of like you don’t want to start a diet on a Tuesday or a Friday. You want to start it after a weekend of eating or on the first of the month.

I keep my New Year’s resolutions simple. My goal last year was to gain mastery over the use of chopsticks. Mission accomplished.

This year I’d like to get certified in Google Adwords. I’ve done the practice tests. I’ve been managing Adwords since 2006 and its about time it became official. I wonder if Google cares that I know it?

Time Magazine has the opinion that New Year’s resolutions are bad for us:

I think these kinds of smaller goals are more easily attainable instead of say something like I’m going to climb Mount Rainier this year.


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