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It takes a team

takes-a-teamA foundation for controlling a project is fostering a positive environment that promotes trust and respect among team members and increases performance through more productive works habits.

Well how do you really get to that?

  • Set some ground rules that describe the pattern of work and expectations that reflect the team’s values.
  • Build a team identity based on the common goal.
  • Be a good listener and that’s everyone on the team, not just the leader.
  • Effectively manage meetings. Nothing will get accomplished if the leader is all over the place. Begin every meeting with a goal and a plan. Steer it toward the goal.
  • Be tuned in to the health of the team. Is everyone on board?  Call people out in meetings, ask what they think. Their answer will clue you in to whether they are clued in.

And may the good results be with you.


And the ugly landing page wins

Why are we surprised when A/B testing is conducted on a landing page and the ugly one wins? What does it show? It shows you don’t know until you test. I’ve had it happen to me as a marketer quite a few times. I’d bet the cool looking landing page performs better, and then it doesn’t.


And just because the formula you used on one landing page worked and you got results doesn’t mean this one will perform. These statements aren’t as much negative as they are realistic.

A few years ago Tim Ash produced a book called Landing Page Optimization. It ended up in every online marketers cubicle. Its content still ring true, not all traffic has equal value. Analyze paths. Sometime the whole page needs a redesign.


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