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Setting Reasonable Goals

Mastery over chopsticks

Previous New Year’s Resolution Met: Gaining Mastery Over Chopsticks

New Year’s Resolutions and a Reasonable Goal

I don’t know if New Year’s resolutions are worth it. Maybe its a major date to start something. It’s kind of like you don’t want to start a diet on a Tuesday or a Friday. You want to start it after a weekend of eating or on the first of the month.

I keep my New Year’s resolutions simple. My goal last year was to gain mastery over the use of chopsticks. Mission accomplished.

This year I’d like to get certified in Google Adwords. I’ve done the practice tests. I’ve been managing Adwords since 2006 and its about time it became official. I wonder if Google cares that I know it?

Time Magazine has the opinion that New Year’s resolutions are bad for us:

I think these kinds of smaller goals are more easily attainable instead of say something like I’m going to climb Mount Rainier this year.


The Optimal Infographic


Ever click on a link to an infographic with a compelling title and then when you see it, its complicated and 8 miles long? I gasp and say don’t do this to me.

I think you’re defeating the purpose of creating an infographic if it’s extremely long. Or it takes too much staring at to figure out where the creator of it is going with their message.

My thoughts on the optimal infographic:

  • 4-6 Scenes (not 20).
  • Have call out messages with the statistics highlighted big.
  • An uncomplicated flow – after all you only have my brief attention.
  • Don’t try and make me read small typed paragraphs in a graphic.
  • Eye-popping friendly graphics that are related to the message trying to be conveyed.

And really that’s it. If its great – people will share it and that is good for you.

Visitors are not pouring over your infographic trying to extract critical statistics. The important facts of your point in the infographic need to stand out, tell me something. I take it, share it and then I move on.

The daily infographic has some good examples:

And the Oatmeal is always hysterical: That example happens to be long but it’s funny and relatable to technology professional so it keeps you engaged.

The Next Web has some good advice on writing infographics, too:




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